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Time Share Advantages

A Time Share membership at the Dalmia Resorts guarantees you unbelievable holiday options across different destinations in India. With the Dalmia way of holiday, you will never have to worry about how to book rooms and availability.

Benefits You Enjoy As A Time Share Member

You Can Exchange Your Unit Week

In case a member wishes to exchange his/her unit week with another week at a different destination, the member needs to inform of the same 45 days prior to the commencement of his/her entitled week. In case of no intimation made of the same, the management can refuse the member from utilising his/her unit week holiday.

You Can Deposit Your Unit Week For Later Utilisation

Members have the right to deposit their unit weeks in case they do not wish to utilise it in the current year. If a member does not wish to utilise his/her unit week in a particular year, it is required to be deposited by submitting a Deposit Form at least 45 days before commencement of the unit week. This period is accumulative and can be utilised at a later date within 2 succeeding years, subject to availability. The unit week is liable to lapse in case of a failure to deposit it as per the procedure.

You Can Rent, Sell, Bequeath Your Week and Transfer Membership

Time Share members can exercise their discretion in renting, selling or gifting their unit weeks to an external party. Dalmia Resorts is however liable to charge a Service Charge from the members upon utilisation of the unit weeks either by them or by an external party.

The members are also free to transfer their Time Share membership to an external party, upon which Dalmia Resorts shall charge the member a nominal Transfer Fee. The transfer shall be deemed valid only if all outstanding dues to the company have been cleared either by the existing Time Share member or the transferee.

However, at the time of availing any of the above privileges, the members are required to fill up and submit a Requisition Form which must be duly signed by the authorised signatory.

You Can Book Extra Rooms or Extend Your Trip

Time Share members can book extra rooms and extend their stay later than their entitled week at any of the resorts. In such cases, the rate per night shall be chargeable at the hotel rate basis but with a special discount. However, the bookings are subject to availability.

For an uninterrupted holiday experience, please refer to the following checklist:

1. All Time Share members must fill up a Requisition Form before the utilisation of their unit week. The form must mention their identification number and should be duly signed by the authorised signatory.

2. All Time Share members are entitled to avail their one-week of holiday time provided all outstanding dues have been cleared. In the case of dues not being cleared, the unit week is considered invalid.

3. a) All members are liable to clear the outstanding purchase amount at the time of utilisation of their unit week. Otherwise, it shall be deemed an invalid week.

b) Since 2007, all Time Share members are liable to pay an Annual Maintenance Fee as determined by the management, irrespective of whether the member uses his/her unit week or not. Failure to pay the Annual Maintenance Fee, which is mandatory, will attract an interest on the amount.

c) Time Share members are liable to pay a service charge to the management at the time of utilisation of their unit week of holiday.

d) A failure to clear all outstanding dues for 3 consecutive years by the members invites refrain, cancellation and even termination of the Time Share membership.

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Both Dalmia Resorts International Pvt Ltd and the members are governed by the Terms and Conditions mentioned in the Agreement.



4, Scindia House, Connaught Place, New Delhi
Phone: +91-11-23314001
Fax: +91-11-23312730
Website: www.dalmiaresorts.com
Email: cs@dalmiaresorts.com